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Secure Internet Bidding-Online Auction Safety

Secure Internet Bidding-Online Auction Safety

Guidelines for Secure Internet Bidding-Online Auction Safety

Registration: Insure you register online at so that the Auctioneers know the identity of thermal person bidding. Registration for Secure Internet Bidding-Online Auction Safety must be your priority. The auctioneer will then reach out and give a call direct to the person who has registered and confirm the identity of the bidder. This also helps everyone understand that there inna real auctioneer that administrates the Internet Bidding site and you may feel more comfortable knowing that you can talk to a real person if you need to. Call the Auctioneers direct 844-400-2828.

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Personal Information: Your information is never sold, shared or otherwise distributed to any third party nonaffiliated personal or company. The information as registered on the Internet Bidding portal will remain in a secure environment until you take the step to delete your registration information.

Telephone Numbers: A valid telephone number is necessary to insure if you have made an offer and you are the winning bidder, then by all accounts the auctioneer can reach you immediately to give instructions on how to finalize a contract to purchase the property.

Address: Many times an address is needed so that prompt delivery of documents may be sent to the correct address. The overnight address may be the best, this will allow UPS of FED EX to deliver to the right place.

email: a valid email address is required, during the bidding process, if you have made a bid and you get outbid you will get an email alert that notifies you that a bid higher than yours has been placed.

Bids: The amount you bid may show but you are identified as the person bidding, just a number or username is shown to the public, your private registration information is never shown to the public.

Max Bids: Max bids are used by many bidders, you may enter the current amount necessary to lace a winning bid and in addition to the current bis you can place a max bid. By placing a max bid you insure that you will have a proxy bid (made by the online bidding system) until it reaches the maximum amount you are willing to pay. The max bid id never shown to the public and is kept part of your private information. You can change your max bid at anytime and update as the internet bidding progresses.

Other Contact Information: All information will remain private, if you are the winning bidder, with your permission will be sent to the closing processor in order to have a smooth transaction and get the property transferred to the new buyer. This information is never released for public view.

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